Graduate Recommendation letter

Graduate Recommendation letter




A graduate recommendation letter is usually written to recommend one or more students who qualify to graduate after completing the required terms of study with a satisfactory grade. The head of the department often writes it to the Graduation Committee or Registrar who is in charge of the graduation processing and ceremony. It facilitates the graduation committee to decide the list of graduates who would graduate at that point of time. It also gives a clear picture of the profile of the eligible students. It also elucidates the basis on which the nomination for graduation ceremony has been arrived upon too.

The letter clearly mentions the details about the score considered and also the other criteria for recommending the particular student for graduation. The letter would be the basis for the further continuation of the graduation evaluation process. The letter forms the first step for a person’s graduation which will be followed by the graduation committee deciding if the person should be awarded a graduation certificate and if so what should be the division of his/her graduation.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Graduate Recommendation letter.


Margaret D. Radcliff,

Head of Department,

Arts & Social Sciences,

San Diego University,

San Diego,

CA 93811.

February 10, 2011


Dr. David M. Sherman,

Graduation Committee Chairman,

San Diego University,

San Diego, CA 93811

Subject: Graduate Recommendation

Dear Sir,

It is my delight to recommend the following students for graduation this June 2011. These students are special students with some learning disabilities who are sponsored by the San Diego Community Funds. Though they have taken a slightly longer term to complete their studies in various fields, they are well qualified in their respective fields of study.

They have been selected as their grades have been the highest in their fields and also have met all the selection criteria as mentioned by the committee. They also have participated in a plethora of extracurricular activities and hence being considered as all-rounders. They also have clear paths set for their career and are focused onto them.

They also have contributed to the society through the corporate social responsibility wing of our institution.

Please allow me to present the following graduates to you for your kind consideration on their graduation.

1)      Ms. Peter Sherry – Arts

2)      Mr. Wayne Jones – Social Studies

3)      Mr. Gill Dylan – Social Studies

4)      Mr. Robert Smith – Social Studies

5)      Ms. Rebecca Williams – Arts

I look forward to your approval of these fine graduates who are ready to serve the public in their newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Thank you for your kind consideration on my recommendation.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret D. Radcliff,

Head of Department,

Arts & Social Sciences,

San Diego University.

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