Grad School Recommendation Letter

Grad School Recommendation Letter



A Grad School Recommendation Letter is usually written by officialdom, such as a professor of a particular organization, or an academic authority on behalf of a certain individual, to recommend him or her to further his or her studies in a specific graduate school at a prestigious higher institute of studies. Graduate studies usually require a recommendation from a relevant authoritative figure that can vouch for the potential student’s character and focus to be appropriate for further studies.

In the letter, the writer should mention the purpose of writing to the receiver in the introductory paragraph. The skills, expertise and the behavioral characteristics of the student should be focussed in the second paragraph of the letter. The letter should be concluded with a positive recommendation of that student and by promising that he or she shall be a worthwhile addition to that academic institution.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Grad School Recommendation Letter


Dr. Barry Joseph


Orthopaedic Department,

General Hospital

Austin, TX 78654




Professor Derrick Chapman


Graduate School,

Medical Studies,

Texas University,

Austin, TX 78712,


Subject: Recommendation for Graduate School

Dear Professor Derrick Chapman,

I am writing to suggest a recommendation for Mr. Joshua Kelly, one of my Medical Assistants at General Hospital. I have had the pleasure to work with him and guide him to develop his skills tremendously.

Mr. Joshua Kelly has been an M. A.  at General Hospital for over a year. I have found him to be brilliant and diligent at his job. His fluency with the medical terms and procedures have been found to be very impressive. He claims that he has self-taught his knowledge and skills before coming on board at General Hospital. I can envisage definite success for this young man; hence, I have discussed the possibility of Grad School with him to further his potential in the medical arena. I am attaching his profile for your perusal and would appreciate your kind consideration for this potential candidate for graduate school at your esteemed institution.

I can promise you that Kelly shall be a fabulous addition to your reputed organization of medical studies, Texas University. Under the guidance and support of your fine staff, Kelly shall be able to polish his skills significantly. Do let me know your decision and the next course of action for him.

Thanking you for your time on this recommendation.

Yours Sincerely

Barry Joseph

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