Goodbye Love Letter

Goodbye Love Letter


Goodbyes are hard. They signify the end of a relationship often, a beautiful one. It makes it even harder to put an end to the relationship. It could be written to anyone- your parents, colleagues, children and even to your boyfriend/girlfriend. The goodbye letter in consideration here is written to signify the end of a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend.

A Goodbye Love letter is written to express your last words to someone whom you are breaking up with. It is usually quite difficult to break a relationship, and a goodbye love letter is an excellent tool that one can use to ease the awkwardness. Make sure the language followed is informal without being rude in any sense. It allows the sender to initiate the breakup and to finalize it with the right choice of words and expression.  Try to mention some beautiful memories shared together to end the relationship on a good note.


Miriam Oakley

1512 Victoria Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

November 19, 2010


Bradford M. Waterman

3713 Marietta Street
Mare Island, CA 94592

Dear Brad

RE: Goodbye

I hope that this letter finds you well. I am writing to bid you goodbye. I know our relationship has been going through a rough stage in the past couple of months. And I am the one to be blamed, the workload kept me busier than ever- but it also led to the opportunity of promotion for me. After thinking through carefully about the opportunity to progress in my career, I have decided to take up the transfer offer by my company.

I know that we have discussed this earlier and you were not in favor of my consideration as it would mean relocating and it would strain our relationship as I do not know how long the transfer will last. But the career prospects are unlimited, and I want to check them out with this opportunity. I hope you understand that opportunities like these are rare.

I know this is hard for us, but if you love me, you will wish me well. You would want me to develop myself to my full potential. If our love is genuine and strong, it will stand the test of time and separation. I hope in the months to come; you consider my proposal again- of trying a long distance relationship. I know I have enough love for the both of us to make it work. But I also understand how hard my absence will be for you.

I would love to hear from you and will inform you of my stay when I  settle down.

I’m sorry to hurt you with this news, Brad. I wish you well. If you have to move on, please go ahead.

With love,


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