Goodbye Letter

Goodbye Letter


A goodbye letter is written to bid farewell to an individual or a group of people. It is meant to signify the end of meet up opportunities although fate may bring the parties together again. A goodbye letter can be formal or informal depending on the relationship between the recipient and sender. Before you leave the job, make certain that you write a farewell letter to your colleagues. It is always a good idea to thank people who have supported you throughout. Also, it will help you stay connected to them.

No matter what the reason is for leaving the job, the people you have worked with can assist you in your future for any purposes, may be giving a reference or leads for your next job. A goodbye letter, even if written in your professional circle are informal letters, and you can pour your heart out. You may have had bad experiences at work, but make certain that you do not include that in your letter. It contains various references to the good times shared, to future out of the office meetings and mutual friends.



William Grey

Vice President

Wally Markets Ltd



All Staff

Wally Markets Ltd

Dear Staff,

Re:  Goodbye

As you know, I have served this company for 35 years, and it is time for me to retire. I have had the privilege of growing with this esteemed organization from a mere store assistant to my current position of Vice President. Hard work paid off for me, but it can also do the same for you.

My last day at this company is DD/MM/YYYY; I shall miss all of you greatly as I have had the joy of knowing and even mentoring many of you. I am proud to see many of you progressing well here.

I wish to thank each of you for your strong support during my tenure, and I am pleased to call all of you friends and not just colleagues.  It would be my pleasure to have you contact me during my retirement.

I wish each of you the best in your future undertakings here.

All the best and with my kind regards,

William Grey

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