Goodbye Letter To Teacher


Teachers are an essential cog in the development of a country, and it’s future populace. They ignite the passion for learning in students and are instrumental in sculpting the minds of students. Their impact on students is perhaps second only to the parents, yet despite all their efforts and struggles, they rarely ever get the recognition and respect that they deserve from society and on many occasions, their students

However, be it as a sense of formality or a genuine expression of gratitude, a student ought to write a letter thanking them for their efforts if he/she is graduating to the next grade or leaving the school. The letter can be short and must have a polite tone. It should explain how the teacher’s efforts helped them out academically or in extra-curricular activities. Such a letter will surely provide some gratification to the teacher about their work leaving an impact on the student’s minds.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Goodbye Letter To Teacher.



Ms. Richards

Dawson Creek High School





Samuel Eto’o

4564 Baker’s Street


Subject: Goodbye Letter


Dear Ms. Richards,

I am sure that you must have been informed, but as you were my teacher, I would like to tell you that my family and I are moving to a different city as my father took on a new job there. Hence, this is a Goodbye Letter.

Teachers with whom you can forge a rapport, form a friendship are rare to come by since most are concerned more with completing their syllabus and the student’s academic performance than the student itself. But you were always more caring compared to the rest, treating us as individuals and took a keener interest in our lives, helping us cope with not just our academic stress but also personal issues that we may have been facing.

I’m sure that not all of the students will acknowledge this out of sheer embarrassment or shyness, but we all loved your lessons and looked forward to them. It was a time when we could be ourselves and the way you explained the subjects; the concepts gave us a genuine love and curiosity that couldn’t be sated until we had our answers. I would like to convey my thanks for all your efforts, and I genuinely hope that our paths intersect again in the future.

Bidding you Adieu and wishing you all the best for your career,

Yours Sincerely,


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