Goodbye Letter to Clients

Introduction :

A Goodbye Letter to Clients is written by an employee of a company who is leaving the company to its clients, whom he/she has been servicing while working at the company. It is good work ethics for the leaving employee to notify its clients that he/she is leaving the company and will not be able to service them further. Business clients sometimes end up being friends when the business transactions continue for a long time.  So, it is advisable to inform the clients regarding their departure.

A goodbye letter to clients can be formal or informal letter depending upon the relationship you have with the supposed clients. It should mentioned the reason behind your resignation and also how much you valued your business dealings with them. Mention your contact details, in case they want to contact you, for other than business related work.


Sample :

The following is the sample of goodbye letter to clients.



Carla J. Hanson,

Service Manager,

Eternal Productions Enterprise.

2184 Maxwell Farm Road
Chico, CA 95928

Date – January 25, 2017


Kelly J. Lackey,


Southern Precision Industry.

4356 Poe Lane
Kansas City, KS 66101

Dear Kelly,

Subject : Change of Service

I am writing to inform you that I shall be leaving Eternal Productions Enterprise at the end of this month. The time has come for me to bid you farewell as I move on in my career. I have got the required work experience for my dream job and shall be joining the same. Hence, I shall not be able to serve you and your esteemed company after this month.

Please allow me to thank you for a great business relationship during my tenure at Eternal Productions. It has been my honor and delight to have serviced you at Southern Precision Industry. You were one of my most prized clients and I shall miss serving you dearly. I have serviced you for a period of 8 years and now after completion of my time here, I shall always have a feeling of void.

I hope to service you again in the future. I do hope that our paths may cross again. I wish you well and all the success in your future endeavors. My contact details are 1234567890, in case you wish to contact for any purpose, I shall be at your service.

Wishing you good health and success.

Yours Sincerely,

Carla J. Hanson,

Service Manager,

Eternal Productions Enterprise.

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