Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend

Goodbye Letter to BoyfriendIntroduction:

A Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend would be written by the girlfriend to her partner in a relationship. It may be a heartfelt letter expressing the deep thoughts and feelings by the female. A Goodbye letter to boyfriend need not be a breakup letter, but a farewell bid as both are separated for a short period. In this letter you just want to express how much you’re going to miss him even if it is for a short time.

As it is a personal letter, keep the tone of the letter warm. The letter should be able to express your feelings and make the recipient appreciate it. You can write about keeping in touch through calls and letters. You can ask him to take good care of himself and tell him that you love him very much and can’t wait to get back with him as soon as possible. Don’t make the letter too long. Keep it sweet and emotional.

Sample Letter:


Nancy Raider

1108 Popular Street
San Diego, CA 92103



Chris Scholl

3388 Mattson Street
Tigard, OR 97223

Dear Chris,

RE: Goodbye

I am already missing you before you get on the bus for your Army training. I want you to have this letter with you all the time so that you will not forget me, even during your training. I know that you want to be promoted and hence need to undergo this three months of training, but my heart is still crying because this is the first time that we are going to be separated for three months. It is hard to imagine that I won’t be able to meet and talk to you daily.

I love you, honey; I shall be waiting for your quick return. Be careful at all times and don’t hurt yourself. I shall be very sad should anything happen to you. So you have to take really good care of yourself at all times. Just do your best and don’t over do anything that affects your health. I know you want to be the best always, but you have to remember that we are here worried for you.

Write or call when you can although I know that you have said the Army is very strict about outside interaction during training. Maybe you can write a letter if you get the time.

Waiting for you to come back.

With all my love and kisses,


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