Goodbye Letter to Boss

Goodbye Letter to Boss


At some point in time, one needs to move from one job to another. This is a natural progression in one’s professional life. This may be due to a better job offer from elsewhere, to continue further studies, to take care of one’s health or any other reason. While one may casually say goodbye to one’s colleagues and subordinates, it is the norm to be a little more formal with the seniors. The best way would be to write a letter or an email, thanking the superiors for the knowledge and experience gained under their guidance.

A Goodbye Letter to Boss is written by a subordinate to the superior. It can be a formal letter expressing gratitude and thanks for the support rendered during employment, or it could be informal if the relationship between employee and employer is deep and open. It may be filled with some emotions if it is the latter.

Sample Letter:

The following is a Sample of Goodbye Letter to Boss.



Stella Henry


Aims Industry





Greg Thomson


Aims Industry


Dear Boss,

RE: Bidding you goodbye

This will be the last letter that I shall be typing out for you and to you. It is my last day, and I just want to say how privileged I am to have worked with you for the previous five years. You are a very kind ad understanding boss as well as a great person. Every day with you has taught me something new, whether it was seeing you handle demanding clients with ease or your punctuality.

You have been very patient with me since my first day. I remember how nervous I was in front of you, but as it turned out, you are like a ‘toothless lion’. I have learned so much from you, and it is with sadness that I have to move on with my career.

Thank you for being so understanding about my leaving the company. You must be the only boss who encourages his secretary to leave (unless I was not up to your expectation?). But I know that you are a visionary, and you have my best interests at heart. I would wish to emulate your prowess in the business world, which has inspired me so much.

I will always cherish the good work moments with you, and if I may, I will look you up whenever I am in town.

I wish you all success in your future endeavors and once again thank you for everything.

With my best wishes,


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