Goodbye Letter To Best Friend


A goodbye letter to a friend can be written when you are shifting to a different city, or there can be a lot of other reasons. This letter is very emotional as it is full of memories of the times you spent together. The letter will also state the reason for your departure, and you can mention some specific happy incidents to keep the tone of letter joyful.

As it is a personal letter, keep the tone warm and friendly. Do mention how much you are going to miss your friends and how important they are in your life. In the end, include good wishes for your friend for his or her future endeavors and regards for his or her parents. Also, mention in the letter that you plan to keep in touch and write your new address. If you need some help then refer the sample letter mentioned below so that you can get an idea of how to write a goodbye letter to a friend.


Sample Letter:



Priti Birgi





Sunanda Raniwala



My dearest Sunanda,

The time to say goodbye to you is finally here. You know my father was waiting to complete my term at the school so that we could shift from here. Now that the semester is over, we’re ready to move. All these days I was busy packing, and I couldn’t find the time to meet you or write a letter. But now I can’t believe that the time is here. I can’t write in words how difficult it is for me to say goodbye to you. You are my best friend since grade 1. We have been together all our lives and knew all our secrets. Remember all those birthday parties, swimming classes and eating each other’s lunch boxes in school! We shared some Incredibly funny moments. How used to love visiting each other’s place and eating the food made by our mothers! We always had so much fun. I am incredibly sad as now you won’t be by my side whenever I need you, but the distance will only make our hearts grow fonder.

Distance won’t make any change in our friendship. We will remain best friends for life no matter what. I am enclosing my new address. I promise to write to you every Sunday. Remember am always just a call away whenever you want to discuss anything with me or tell me any gossip also. My best wishes are always with you. Give regards to uncle and aunty.

Do stay in touch.

Lots of love,


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