Goodbye Letter To Colleagues


A Goodbye letter to your colleagues is a farewell letter to bid your colleagues goodbye. It can be written on the last day of work to inform them that they will not be seeing you as of the following day. Leaving a place can be a hard thing to do. We always get attached to it and to the people around us during our time at that place. Another thing harder than leaving is bidding adieu to the people over there. So, it is always better to do it all in a letter if you are not much of a conversationalist while leaving any place.

A Goodbye letter to your colleagues can express your thanks for the support and friendship extended to you during your work days at the company. Mention everything that the place has taught you and all those people who helped you when you were in a tough spot. It is an informal letter meant to showcase your feelings to your closed ones and colleagues while leaving your old workplace.

Sample :

The following is the sample of Goodbye Letter To Colleagues.


Mary T. Kates,

93 Chatham Way,
Mc Lean, MD 22102.


15 January 2017


LeRoy Staff,

Dearest Colleagues

Subject: Goodbye

It is time to say ‘Farewell’! Adieus! Sayonara!

Today would be my last day at work, and I just want to say how great and special each of you has been to me, as a colleague and friend. It is the New Year, and with it, comes new opportunities. Hence, I shall be leaving LeRoy at the end of today for a new posting in another multinational corporation. It is indeed a bittersweet feeling, to leave a place where I have worked for as long as I can remember for another place where I have got more opportunities. However, I want to take my time to thank each one of you.

Thank you for being such great colleagues; each of you has truly blessed me. My work life at LeRoy was enjoyable and fascinating because of you people. I have learned so much from everyone here, and you are a great bunch. I shall miss you dearly, but I will have to deal with that.

Nevertheless, feel free to contact me when you are free; perhaps we can have a cup of coffee together. I wish each of you the best in your future undertakings, and I look forward to meeting up with you again soon. It has been a wonderful journey for me with all you people.

Wishing you all the best of luck

Mary Kates

Systems Analyst

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