Goodbye Letter

Good bye Letter


A goodbye letter is written by an individual to bid goodbye to one or more people or even an organization. This letter is to inform the recipient(s) that the sender intends to move on with his life or career which may cause a temporary or permanent separation.  The letter can be casual if between close relations or a little more formal between business associates. Such a letter carries the sentiment of separation and the pain caused by it. Therefore this sorrow and sense of loss should be evident and made apparent in the tone of the letter.

Such letters are written and exchanged between friends and business partners. It is often the case that a friend needs to move away to a new city owing to their decisions regarding their future and sometimes partners in business need to separate because one of the partners needs to relocate. Such moments of separation cause grief and a sense of loss to both the individuals concerned and therefore the person moving away needs to write a letter of consolation to their acquaintance telling them of future meetings and also the joy they have had at their company.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Goodbye Letter.


Linda Felix
377 Byron Lane
Richmond, VA 23219

February 9, 2011


Friends at Big Burgers,
340 Byron Lane
Richmond, VA 23219

Dear All,

Re:  Goodbye

I just want to wish you all ‘goodbye’ as I shall be going back to continue my studies in my hometown. I have booked my train ticket, and it is for tomorrow. I love this city, and it breaks my heart to leave it behind, along with all the amazing people in it. My time here in this city has taught me so much. I was a newcomer to Richmond when I first came here but I was welcomed by you all with so much love and respect that in no time this city became my home. It has been lovely knowing each of you at Big Burgers. I know I shall miss each of you dearly.

I joined Big Burgers to spend my time productively and also because I love burgers. I learned so many things from you all and made so many burgers that I hope and believe were good enough. It has been an enjoyable and fruitful eight months at Big Burgers. I have learned a lot from the management and all of you, my beloved colleagues; I cannot possibly thank you enough for including me in all your activities even though I was here only on a part-time basis. I wish you all the best in your future plans and endeavors, whatever they might be and I wish with all my heart that Big Burgers will forever flourish.

Do come to Atlanta for a visit when you are free. I shall be most happy to take you around. I am sure that each of you will like Atlanta. Take care. I do hope I will meet you all again sometime.

Yours Sincerely,

Linda Felix

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