Good Application Letter


An application letter is written by an individual who is seeking admission into any educational institution or any other institution which requires an application of the individual The application letter is crucial for the applicant’s success in the entrance to the chosen field, as the letter reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the individual applicant. The application letter should be written in a clear and coherent manner so that it encompasses all the strengths of the applicant. The letter should be formal.

The writer must attach with the application letter a curriculum vitae and a biodata form so as to give more clarity to the application. The letter should be written cautiously so as to avoid any inadvertent errors that may reflect poorly on the reviewer. The letter should list all the information that the writer thinks is relevant to the success of the application. The letter should be humble in its tone.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample Application Letter.


John Doe,

West Park,

Philadelphia City,


Date: 22 July 1776.


Jane Woodrow,

Manager- Human Resources,

Fulbright Scholarship Funds,

Dartmouth College,


Subject: Application letter.

Dear Madam,

I write this letter to gently draw your attention towards my application for the Fulbright Scholarship to conduct my post-doctoral research at your prestigious institution, Dartmouth College. I meet all the statutory requirements for admission to the Fulbright Scholarship. I am a Utopian national, so I would be applying through the Utopian Ministry of Education Association, once my application has been accepted.

I have completed my doctoral research from Utopia National University in particle physics and I  have published over fifty scholarly articles in journals of national and international repute. I have also been a recipient of an award for Best Doctoral Thesis from the National University of Singapore.

At Dartmouth College, I wish to pursue post-doctoral research in String Theory and to publish a research paper in Dartmouth Review, upon completion of my research. I wish to engage in various faculty developed activities at Dartmouth College and attend various seminars across the United States of America. I also wish to volunteer at Science for Society organizational enterprise at Dartmouth College, so as to encourage everyone to take up science in education and in their lives.

I have attached my curriculum vitae and a biodata form with this letter, which includes all information about my academic publications.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

John Doe.



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