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Spreading joy and happiness and extending a ray of positivity to all around us is something we all must not only preach but also practice as well. It has the power to change someone’s day for the better, or give someone much needed confidence and validation they are looking for.

Therefore when someone does something praise worthy or extraordinary, they deserve to be appreciated for it. One way to do this is by writing a letter about the same. This is better than conveying your compliments verbally as they can treasure this letter and refer to it in tough times as well. Be as generous with your compliments. Do not hold back; everybody deserves to know how they are exceptional at something or good at something. In your letter, also add a few lines of motivation which inspires them to follow this attitude or praiseworthy act in the years to come.



Anushka Kumar

173 Flat,

Vasant Kunj

New Delhi-124222



Astha Gupta

TT Towers

TH Road


Subject: Letter of Praise

Dearest Anushka,

Oh my Friend Anushka, or shall I say Ms. President now huh? Aunty just told me that you were elected as the President of The Debating Society of your college. I must say, I am not surprised. I am so very proud of you Anushka.

You have inspired me since the day you joined your debating society. Your commitment to the society is truly inspiring. Staying back in college every day till 6 and waking up early on weekends for tournaments! My My. But I must say, the hard work shows.

You have become such an eloquent speaker and so very knowledgable. I know if I ever need help with anything related to politics and economics you will be there for me. I don’t even need to refer to Google for information because I have you!

I know you are going to make a brilliant President. You will inspire not only your juniors but your batch mates as well. You will leave behind a precedent that will be hard to match up to.

So my friend, congratulations once again. I expect great things from you.

You will find a small package attached to this letter. It is a diary I brought back for you from my trip to Jaipur. Do carry it as a good luck charm to all your tournaments. Best of Luck Anushka!

Lots of love

Samridhi Sagar

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