Gift Letter

Gift Letter


A Gift letter can be written by an organization to another as a note of appreciation for its loyal patronage for the year, or it can be written by one individual to another for the assistance rendered during a time of need. A gift letter can encompass a token of appreciation such as an attached gift or vouchers to reward the recipient.Business Corporation’s relationship with their partners is very delicate, and it is often said that even the slightest lapse in service related terms can lead to dissatisfaction.

Begin the letter by thanking the recipient. The first paragraph of the letter will let the reader know the reason why the letter is written, what type of gift is being provided as a token of appreciation. Do not write every single detail in the opening lines — just briefly tell the reader that you are satisfied with their services. The body of the letter should have detailed information about how the service or job was carried out. Conclude the letter by expressing your appreciation once again and say that you look forward to getting the same response from them.

Sample Letters:


Raymond Textiles

Senior Manager

National Production Industry

123 Fair View Street

Ohio, OH 90112




Forever Products & Services

10566 Graham Street

Ohio, OH 389011

Dear Sir / Madam

RE: Gift of Appreciation

On behalf of National Production Industry, I am pleased to inform you that your esteemed company is regarded as one of our best-performing clients for the year. We would like to thank you for the Value -Addition services you provided us a couple of weeks ago. We appreciate that the job was done without any hassle and the management is happy with your company and your team of dedicated workers. The task was not simple, but after you had sent you dedicated team of technical assistants, things improved rapidly. Most of the textile machines and equipment required a thorough check and your team completed it efficiently. When it comes to quality, I don’t think the company can trust anyone else apart from you guys.

Hence, we would like to present to you a token of appreciation in the form of some gift vouchers as attached.

These gift vouchers are valid for a year from the date of issue. They can be used in any of National Production Industry stores throughout the nation in exchange for our company products according to the stated value of the vouchers.

We trust that the above is favorable to you, and we look forward to your continued patronage.

We would like to wish Forever Products & Services continued success in your future undertakings.

Yours sincerely,

Raymond Textiles

Senior Manager

National Production Industry

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