Gift Letter Car

Gift Letter Car


Gifts are a way to exchange your happiness. We have gifts for every occasion. It makes the other person special and blessed. A Gift letter car would be written by an individual who wishes to make a presentation of a car as a gift to another. It can be a unique gift to someone special in conjunction with a special occasion celebrated as a car is an expensive gift.

The letter is written to express the sender’s intentions and feelings related to the gift. It is a very joyous way to bring an unbelievable charm to your loved one’s life. It is a gift which people will not even imagine of getting, and thus it will come as an unbelievable surprise in your life. Not everyone thinks of gifting a car because it is costly and when someone decides to gift a car he or she is extremely happy.



Gonzalo H. Collier,

2813 Dovetail Estates,

Nash, OK 73761.



Peggy E. Collier,

4815 Polk Street,

Tucson, AZ 85701.

Subject: Gift Letter Car

Dear Ms. Peggy E. Collier,


Congratulations on securing an excellent job of Auditor with Ernst and Young! Mom and Dad are so proud of you. You have worked hard and done well. You deserve this success.

As you are transferred to its headquarters at Tucson, you will need wheels to get around in your work. There will be many occasions where you will need to meet clients outside or at their offices. Hence, your mom and I thought that it would be appropriate to present you with a car on your birthday celebrating your new posting and location.

It will not only help you in saving your time looking for cab and bus, but it will also make your life comfortable. We always knew you like black hatchback four wheelers, and hence we are gifting the car of your ddreams to you. It is a real beauty and will soon be at your doorstep.

Now you will be able to go anywhere quickly and safely. We will also have more peace of mind about your safety and well-being.

We trust that you will love the car. It should suffice until you get your sports car!

Drive safely, and we look forward to catching up with you often. By the way, Happy Birthday, Darling!

With all our love,

Mom & Dad

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