General Reference Letter


A reference letter can be written for a variety of purposes like admission in a school or college, for a job application, for getting accommodation somewhere, etc.  Such a letter would provide complete details about the candidate from a third source recommending him or her. The letter should be written in such a way that it creates a positive impression of the candidate in the mind of the reader.  It can contain information regarding the academic details, extracurricular activities, previous work experiences, personal details, etc.

The letter should be written in a formal tone. It can be written by a landlord, teacher, neighbor, employee, etc. Keep the letter concise. Double check the letter for any spelling mistakes. Make sure only genuine information is included in the letter. You can write that the recipient of the letter can contact you for further details or queries.  Also, make sure you thank the reader for his or her time and patience.


Sample Letter:


Mohini Mittal





Priti Sharma


Respected ma’am,

I write this letter to confirm that I have known Miss Mansi Mathur for a long time now. She was the daughter of my childhood friend. She was the topper in her school and received scholarship throughout her school. She was also the captain of the basketball team and helped in organizing many school festivals. Miss Mathur has many friends, and all of them can’t stop praising her.  Her vivacious personality is a big hit, and she is always the center of attraction and is incredibly kind-hearted.

I can vouch for her character any time if needed. I have found her to be kind, courteous and polite on all occasions. I hope I have provided all the information which was required by you. You can contact me for further details. I am enclosing my email id and phone number. I hope this helps Mansi and you in the best way possible.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Yours sincerely

Mohini Mittal

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