General Letter of Recommendation, Sample & Format

General Letter of RecommendationA  General Letter of Recommendation is usually written by an authority or higher status personality to recommend some individual or company with favorable words for a particular purpose, such as employment opportunities, further studies or membership to a club or society. The sender should be a reputable personality who would be able to impact the recipient with his recommendation.


Myron L. Key

General Manager

Union Marketing Consultants

510 Dale Avenue
Seattle, WA 98161

February 15, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

Re: General Letter of Recommendation

This letter serves as a general recommendation for Ms. Jill Foster, who has been an employee of Union Marketing Consultants from March 2008 – January 2011.

Ms. Jill Foster has been a hard working employee who is responsible for her assigned post of Commercial Consulting Executive. She started as a Consulting Trainee before being confirmed to her current position at Union Marketing Consultants in August 2009.

Ms. Foster is very meticulous in her job with good people skills; she interacts well with all levels of management and clients. She is very professional at work and has successfully assisted many clients in their businesses.

Union Marketing Consultants wishes Ms. Jill Foster the best in her future undertakings as she moves forward in her career.

Yours sincerely

Myron L. Key

General Manager

Union Marketing Consultants

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