General Fundraising Letter


Fundraising is an activity where a company or individuals raise money that will be used to organize an event, usually themed around something particular to promote a certain cause. Organizing an event requires a huge workforce, diligence and above all funds to make the event happen without it falling short of expectations in any aspect. As such an event is mostly funded through the donations given by interested and empathetic individuals, one must find a way to attract donors via a personal appeal.

It is common that the organizers of the event distribute a Fundraising Letter which informs people of the reasoning behind the event and what it aims to accomplish. The letter must appeal to the emotions of the reader, giving them a strong reason for donating their money to the cause as well as the satisfaction of having done their bit for a worthy cause.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a General Fundraising Letter.



Golden Forest Homes

3453 Carling Street




Jason Marlon


God’s Miracle Charitable Trust


Subject: Fundraising Request


I am writing this letter on behalf of the God’s Miracle Charitable Trust to invite people to help us in our campaign to raise funds for setting up the homeless shelter, adjacent to the church. We received ample support from generous folk across our town in our mission to provide healthy, nutritious food to children from low-income families and we would very much appreciate all the help we can get for this righteous cause.

Given the expected severity of the upcoming winter, we at God’s Miracle have come to an agreement with the adjacent church to build an accommodation of sorts for homeless people to find shelter for the night. Given the scope of the construction work as well as manpower, we are in need of more funds, and we will appreciate all the help that we can get for this righteous endeavor.

To construct the roof and the final portion of the wall, we still require an amount $6000 as well as the cost of finishing the interior. If you could find it your hearts to spare some money to help the needy during this time of the year, we would gladly accept your charity for this cause. As a token of our appreciation, all donors will receive a special gift on behalf of the church as well as in invitation to our charity dinner which shall be hosted on Christmas Eve.

We hope that you will lend a helping hand to aid our efforts to serve the needy.

Thanking You.

Yours truly,

Jason Marlon

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