General Application Letter


Regardless of whether you want to modify the status of your bank account, apply for a job or even buy a car, you will have to submit an application letter to the concerned authority before moving ahead. It is a common and widely accepted formality as it represents your intent and provides them with a physical, hard proof that such a request was submitted and attended to by the company or bank.

A General Application Letter is a simple formal letter, which expresses your request for a particular activity. Such a letter must adhere to the format of a formal letter and must be professional in its wording and tone. The letter must clearly express the intent of the applicant, supplying all the necessary details and documents along with the letter. The writer must take care to avoid any errors as it can be counter-intuitive to the application being approved.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a General Application Letter.



Accounts Department

XYZ Bank


3rd May 2016



Rajan Prasad

32 Golden Vineyard

Subject: Application for Bank Account

Dear Sir/Madam,

As per the bank policy, here is my application letter to begin the process of opening my account in XYZ Bank in this branch. Please find all the documents attached

Please find all the necessary documents attached to this application letter, including two passports sized photographs duly signed by myself at the back, copies of my birth certificate, election identity card as well as copies of my passport. Also, you may find copies of my salary statements from my company of my employment, dating back to three months as well as address proofs, bank statements from my other account in the ABC bank, as advised to me by the bank executive  Mr JK Singh. As per the bank rules, I will be creating the account with an initial balance of INR 10,000 from which the extra charges are to be deducted. In addition to the bank account, I would also like to request a cheque book as well as an international debit card, the application letters for which are also enclosed. Please note my contact no for all purposes to be **********, as noted on my initial application form. Also, I would very much like to be informed of periodic updates on my phone regarding my account activity such as deposits, withdrawals and any charges that may be levied in advance.

Thank you for accepting my application, and I hope for a swift resolution on the matter.

Yours Sincerely,

Rajan Prasad

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