Funny Holiday Letter


Holidays are a fantastic time of the year, where the entire household is embroiled in cleaning, decorating and other chores around the house. It is a time for togetherness, bonding, and merrymaking with the entire family and having fun times, one’s you can reminisce and chuckle for years to come. A common tradition during this period of the year is sending letters to relatives and other family members who couldn’t join you, wishing them glad tidings.

To make the letter more relatable and less bland, one can add in humor and jokes, making the letter funnier and adding an individual flair which conveys that you truly wish the best for the recipient and aren’t doing this out of a sense of formality. This Funny Holiday Letter must contain anecdotes and quips to make the letter more entertaining and personalized in addition to wishing the recipient and their families.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Funny Holiday Letter.



Craig Coleman

2312 St. Julians Street



23rd December 2014



Kingsley Aleister

23 Finchley and Hoove


Subject: Merry Christmas

Dear Craig,

It’s that time of the year again when the cold hell freezes us over, making our lawns non-existent and in general having us holed up at our homes, surrounded by the shrill sounds of our family while those darn Australians enjoy sunny beaches and cocktails.

Merry Christmas you all chap and I hope you take it easy on the nog this time around. We all know what happens when you over do your drunken master impersonation, ps it doesn’t end too well. Despite the cold, it’s fortunate that we can spend it surrounded by our dearest ones, over-ecstatic as they may be about late night sermons and presents. Still, I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world including that mug of Guinness that you’ve owed me for the better part of a decade. Try not to be too smug in front of your in-laws because that will not work. It’s a time for merrymaking, so try to keep your composure regardless of how annoying it may become for the sake of your children. Try to show them your card tricks and see if that breaks the ice, and in case that doesn’t work just fill them with up with whiskey and enjoy the time with your family.

Well, this is all the time I have to write, so I’ll end it on a less sardonic note. Merry Christmas to you laddie and your family. Give them my regards. Hopefully, you all can drop by so we can have a more familial and appropriate celebration for new years eve.

Yours Truly


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