Funny Goodbye Letter, Sample & Format

Funny Goodbye Letter A funny goodbye letter could be written by a young child who is leaving his peers or family and writes to bid goodbye to those he is leaving behind. It could be a funny goodbye letter if he is young and inexperienced in writing goodbye letters but still wants to express his thoughts and feelings to those he is leaving behind.


Bianca Lee

596 Fort Street
Seattle, WA 98109

February 7, 2011


Darlene, Sharon & Martha

East West High Boarding School

Hey Girls,

RE: Goodbye!

I am going to Hollywood tomorrow! I am so excited! My mom just called and I shall be boarding the plane tomorrow night. I have to pack and I have no time to go over to inform you personally. Hence, I am writing this letter of farewell.

I do hope I will not forget my favourite PJs or my lip gloss in my haste. What do I say to Tom Cruise if I were to meet him? Or Johnny Depp? Oh, I feel so faint already at the thought. Don’t worry; I will get their autographs for each of you. Do wish me luck to get up close with either of these Hollywood hulks.

Please take care of my stuff while I am away; do not let ‘curious Myra’ touch my stuff.

See you gals in 2 weeks; enjoy your term break!

Lots of Love,


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