Funny Goodbye Letter

Funny Goodbye Letter


Goodbyes are hard to say, especially to friends and family. None the less, they are used to express good wishes and hope for better future to other people. Goodbyes can also mean leaving something or someone behind for a long time. Staying in touch and on good terms with these people always helps us through our tough and dark times. The people we part ways with can help us in our future endeavors and can lend an emotional support when needed.

A Funny Goodbye Letter goodbye letter is a letter which is written by a young, inexperienced writer, who wishes to express his or her gratitude to their peers and family. When leaving for a journey, it is always good to take the time to send a farewell letter to one’s friends, colleagues, and family and requesting them to stay connected. The inexperience of writing the letter, simplicity and honesty in its crafting is what makes it fun and alluring.

Sample Letter:

The following is an example of Funny Goodbye Letter.

Bianca Lee,
596 Fort Street,
Seattle, WA 98109.


Darlene Smith,
78B Williamson Street,
Seattle, WA 98106.

Dear Darlene,

I wish to take a moment and inform you that I will be leaving the school due to my father’s job transfer. I will be leaving the state on the next Thursday and take new admission in the St. Patrick School in Ohio. I have enjoyed and had fun the whole time I stayed here and shared with you people. I appreciate having the opportunity to be able to meet and know awesome people like you. Thank you for always supporting me, helping me through my emotional outbursts, and guiding me during my stay here. Though my stay here has been short, it was sweet and filled with lots of memory of happiness because of people like you.

Even though I will terribly miss you and everyone else, I can not help the circumstances. I will miss you and of course the lunch break time, during which we always had fun. I will miss the home-made lunch you guys brought. Tell Maria that she now no longer needs to hide her tiffin box from John and me, that she does not need to be paranoid anymore of me pushing her into the pool. Tell everyone that I miss them dearly and that I have no choice right now but to go with my family so, I am terribly sorry for breaking my promises. Hope you will forgive me.

Lots of Love,

Yours Lovingly,

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