Funny Farewell Letter

Funny Farewell Letter



A funny farewell letter is written by an individual to another to bid farewell. Bidding farewell is usually hard to do, and a funny farewell letter is good to ease the difficulty of going away, especially when a good relationship has been formed. A funny farewell letter is casual and could be written to friends or family members. When the departure is filled with happy memories, it becomes a moment to remember.

We often develop a strong bond with the people we meet, and it becomes very difficult to say goodbye but if you add some fun and frolic while giving farewell to your loved ones it eases the pain of departure. A funny farewell letter is meant to make the other person go through a fun ride of good memories while bidding the final goodbye. It eases you in getting away from your loved ones.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Funny Farewell Letter.


Shane B. Hidalgo,

4732 Haymond Rocks Road,

Eugene, OR 97402.



Myrtle D. Oakes,

1512 Victoria Street,

Baton Rouge, LA 70806.

Subject: Bidding Goodbye

Dear Ms. Myrtle D. Oakes,

How are you? I am writing to bid you farewell as I shall be returning to my hometown next week. I am so excited about going home as I have been away for over two years; I miss my family like crazy! But I shall miss you too, for you have been a dear friend to me.

I am glad to enjoy such a beautiful friendship with you. You have been a great help to me when I first arrived here to study. I was so nervous at school and felt like a fish out of the waters (well, I do stay near the beach!). The city seemed imposing, thank you for coming up to me and help me ‘unfreeze’ to settle down quickly. I must have looked nerdy with my big glasses and frills at the first week of school.

I shall miss our parties and library moments; we played hard as we worked hard, isn’t it? I shall remember all your antics which always make me laugh and feel good. Yes, I shall miss you dearly and always cherish the happy moments we spent together.

Do write and if you can drop by my place, you are most welcome anytime.

Take good care of yourself! I wish you all the best till we meet again.

Your crazy friend,

Shane B. Hidalgo


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