Funny Christmas Letter, Sample & Format

Funny Christmas LetterA funny Christmas letter should be written by a young child expressing his or her joy during the festive season. It could be inspired by a simple understanding of the Christmas season as the young child expresses his heart’s desire in a letter. The simplicity and open nature of the young child could cause the message to be funny.


Roy Benedict Smith

3841 Coulter Lane
Richmond, VA 232

December 1, 2010

Especially for Santa Claus

North Pole

Dear Mr. Santa

RE: All I want for Christmas

My mommy says you know everything and you can give anything. Well, do you remember the song, ‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth’? That’s exactly what I want for this Christmas, Santa.

I lost both of front teeth last month, and the kids at school have been laughing at me, whenever I open my mouth to smile or speak. I am so unhappy, I want to punch them when they laugh at me, but mommy says that will make me a bad boy and you won’t give me any presents.

So, instead of a gift, can you give me my two front teeth, please? It is taking too late to come out. Please, please, please, Santa.

Thank you very much.

Roy Benedict

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