Funny Christmas Letter

Funny Christmas Letter


Ever since the beginning of Christianity, Christmas has been an important part of the year for not only Christians but also other people of the world. Christmas is a festival of love and appreciation and along with it comes the tradition of exchanging gifts and letters. When we think of Christmas, Santa Clause has been a vital part of it during our childhood days. We always wrote letters to him, expecting he would bring us presents at night, riding his reindeer Rudolf.

A Funny Christmas letter is written by a young child expressing his or her joy and perception of the Holiday season. The letters could be inspired by the simple understanding of the Christmas season by the young ones, expressing all their heart’s desire into writing it. The simplicity, cheerfulness and the open nature of the letter, is what makes the letter hilarious and fun to read.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Funny Christmas Letter.

Roy Benedict Smith,
3841 Coulter Lane,
Richmond, VA 232.


Santa Claus,
The North Pole.

Subject: All I want for Christmas.

Dear Santa,

I hope you are fine. I heard from my brother that it always snows in the North Pole, so I hope you did not catch a cold. My mom says you know everything, and you can give anything to someone if they have been good all the year. Well, do you remember the song, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”? That is exactly what I want for this Christmas, Santa.

I lost both of my front teeth last month, and the kids at school have since been making fun of me and teasing me, whenever I open my mouth to laugh or to speak. This makes me angry and sad at the same time, so much so, that I want to punch them in the face when they laugh at me. But, mommy says that fighting and hurting someone will make me a bad boy, and you do not love or give any presents to bad boys. So, I have been a good boy all the year. You can ask Ms. Claire, our teacher.

This year instead of a gift, can you give me the two front teeth back? It is taking too late to come out, and I do not want to be laughed at by everyone.

I will leave warm milk and cookies for you. Thank you very much.

Roy B. Smith

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