Funny Break Up Letter

Funny Break Up LetterIntroduction

A Funny Break Up Letter is not easy to write as a relationship is involved. But if the relationship has not ventured too deeply, it is simpler to break up, and a funny break up letter helps in easing the pain or embarrassment between two parties. It may be a good option to break up with a letter than face-to-face.

As it is a personal letter, keep the tone informal. Don’t  make the letter too long or emotional, keep it short and a little funny. State the reason as to why you want to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Also, mention if you want them to keep in touch with you after the breakup. Do wish him or her all the very best for their future.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Funny Break Up Letter.


Lina W. Smith,

3913 Broad Street,
Birmingham, AL 35203



Nolan Soares,

1108 Poplar Avenue,
San Diego, CA 92103.
Subject: Let’s Just be Friends

Dear Nolan,

It may seem kind of awkward but the New Year is an excellent way to start new things. As you know, I am very indulgent into resolutions, and I have made one for this year, YYYY and am very sure am going to stick to it it’ll.

I feel that things were not working out for me last year; I was not successful at work – I missed a promotion; I was chased out of my home – my landlord wanted the space back; I have been doing poorly at my part-time studies! So, all in all, it was a very bad year for me.

Sigh! I feel that I need a total change in my life for this year; hence, I am sorry to say that we have to part ways too. I feel that we are awkward with one another and I don’t miss you as I should when we are apart; unlike lovers in a relationship. When we have not clicked on a deep level, I see no point in continuing with our relationship. So my resolution is to start everything new for this New Year, whether in love or life.

I would like to wish you the best in everything that you do in life. Hope you achieve all that you want and more. I also hope you will not have any harsh or negative feelings towards me.

Hope you will remain as my friend and in touch.

Just me,



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