Funeral Condolence Letter


A funeral is always a difficult experience to go through. Having to cope with a person’s loss and then facing their loved ones is a trying ordeal where one must trudge carefully. The emotions one undergoes after losing a close family member or friend is difficult to quantify or fathom, unless one has personally experienced such a tragedy.

A Funeral Condolence Letter is written if one is unable to attend the funeral of the deceased due to reasons beyond their control but still intends to comfort the relatives of the deceased through some means. Such a letter must above all try to comfort the recipient, assuring them that the deceased is in a better place now and informing them why you weren’t able to make it to the funeral. One must mention how much the recently deceased individual meant to him/her and care must be taken to avoid hurting the recipient in any manner.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Funeral Condolence Letter.



Jeanne Layard

3453 Sunshine Grove




Kieran Chambers

Welcare City Hospital


Subject: Condolence Letter


Dear Jeanne,

I hope you can forgive me for failing to attend your father’s funeral, but I couldn’t get clearance to leave the hospital this week because of an internal audit where my presence was mandatory.

Uncle Pierre was an important father figure to me growing up, someone who took care of my when my father was away on his army service. It pains me to realize that I will never be able to hear his gentle voice again, nor can I ever be graced by that endearing smile.

He was a great man who prioritized the well-being and happiness of others over his own and never gave a second thought if someone reached out for his help. He loved you dearly, and I can only fathom what you must be going through at this moment in time, but you need to be strong and stoic, for the sake of your mother who must be crushed by the ordeal.

I will always remember Uncle Pierre as one of my closest friends and a second father to me, without whose guidance I wouldn’t be half the man that I am. I am truly blessed to have known such an honest and caring man.

I will try my best to come to you as soon as I can to pay my last respects to him.

Yours Truly


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