Fundraising thank you Letter

Fundraising thank you Letter


A fundraising thank you letter is written in response to the good participation of a donor towards the organized fundraising activity. It is sent by the organization or institute which has held a fundraising event in the first place. It is a polite gesture to return a letter of thanks to those who have participated to the success of the fundraising activity in some way or other, cash or kind. A fundraising event is an event in which people gather in a place and pay for their tables and then make generous donations to any cause. The cause is decided by the organization which organized the event, and according to the event, the donor decides if he of she wants to contribute and how much he wants to contribute.

This is an official letter, and so it should be written in the correct format in a formal tone. It should be written in kind words, and it should thank the donor for his presence in the event. Write such that the person should know that he is valued and his presence meant a lot.

Sample letter:


Dawn J. Rael

Fundraising Chairperson

Seniors Club

10 South Street
Big Canyon, TX 79848



Mediterranean Foods & Winery

47775 Court Street
Union, MO 88994

Dear Sir,

RE: Thank You for your Participation

On behalf of the Seniors Club, I would like to thank you for your great and wonderful participation in our recent fundraising activity for this special club.

The fundraising event held on DD/MM/YYYY was very successful with about 100 visitors to the Seniors Club. The Seniors Club members were delighted with the gifts and friendship extended to them during the Christmas season. All the bakery and handicraft done by the Seniors Club were sold out quickly. The Seniors Club members are very thankful for your kind contribution of refreshments to delight their guests and made the fundraising event a success.

For your information, the event raised $5,000 which will cover the Seniors Club medical expenditure for this year.

We are delighted to have you as one esteemed partner.

Respectfully yours,

Dawn J. Rael

Fundraising Chairperson

Seniors Club

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