Fundraising Sponsorship Letter


Organizing a fundraiser or any event is a difficult task and takes a lot of effort from the planners and staff to accomplish. When organizing a fundraiser, you will often be asked to seek sponsors for the event. Sponsors are important as they fund the operation of the event and, in turn, seeking promotion of their company or products at the event. Given their importance to the functioning of the event, the organizers must find a way to cater to their needs as a way of ensuring the success of the event.

Normally, the event organizers send Sponsorship Letters to¬†recruit potential sponsors to their cause. The letter must be brief and concise, brushing over the relevant details and must maintain a level of courteousness. The letter aims to sell the idea of the event and how their presence at the event could prove to be beneficial to their company’s marketing and image among the attendees.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Fundraising Sponsorship Letter.



Mr. Charles Dechamps

VBV Couture


11th December 2014



Emmanuel Richards


Golden Apple Charitable Trust


Subject: Sponsorship Letter


Dear Sir,

It takes me great pleasure to invite you as one of our most important sponsors at the 5K Marathon Fundraising run, which is being organized to raise funds for a new Orphanage construction in the city.

Given the number of children left without a guardian and forced to live in slums and poor conditions, we at Golden Apple have decided to create a fun run to raise funds for the construction of the building. The event has a large enough scope, inviting participants from around the country and we expect a good turnout for the event.

Our estimations put the no of participants in the thousands, which will hopefully go a long way into gathering funds for the construction. While the sponsors for the refreshments and apparel have already been decided, we at Golden Apple would be honored to have your company as our chief sponsor, given our association over the past few years when your help in organizing such events has been phenomenal.

The event will feature your company’s name at the various placards, and participation apparel such as gift cards, t-shirts, etc. and I’m sure that the extra publicity from the event as the chief sponsor will surely have a positive impact on your company.

We would be thrilled if you could join us in ensuring the success of this endeavor for a good cause.

Yours Sincerely,

Emmanuel Richards

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