Fundraising Request Letter


A fundraising request letter is usually written by a non-governmental or a non-profit organization requesting donors to donate for their fundraising event. The donations can be either in the form of money or the form of volunteering provided by the donors themselves or providing the organization with volunteers for the event. The letter must be written in such a manner that it catches the attention of the donor so that they can consider the idea of donation.

Since this is a letter where one party requests another party for a favor, it must be written in a formal manner. Such letters always provide the reason behind hosting a fundraiser and appeal to the emotional side of the donor. The organization must ensure that they attach their contact details along with the letter so that it is easier for the donor to be able to communicate with them. These letters must always have a positive tone.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Fundraising Request Letter


Greens and Beans Foundation,

Preston Avenue,




Justin Mosaic,

Whatman Street,


Subject: Request for a donation

Respected Sir,

We at the Greens and Beans Foundation are extremely happy to invite you to our annual fundraising event “Roots and Shoots Gala.” We conduct this event every year to raise funds to help us with the various programs we work with. As you may know, The Greens and Beans Foundation is an environment based non-governmental organization which works towards the betterment of the Planet Earth.

The condition of the environment surrounding us has been deteriorating over a long period owing to the nature destroying activities performed by human beings. These include many reasons like that of the industrial revolution, severe pollution and excessive use of natural resources which has led to their depletion. We conduct this fundraising event so that we can collect funds that will help us work on our projects. Our current projects include habitat restoration for endangered animals as well as clean-ups of lakes so that a better ecosystem can be set up.

We would request you to provide us with some form of donation at the fundraiser. Whether it be your valuable time or monetary help, we would truly appreciate it. Our goal is to make a better planet for our future generations, and we sincerely hope that you help us with it.

We’ll be sending a follow-up mail which will provide you with other details of the fundraiser. We are also attaching the contact information of our assistant manager whom you can contact if you have any other queries. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Greens and Beans Foundation.


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