Fundraising Letter


A fundraising letter is written to request for donations to support its planned or targeted activities, which normally tend to profit the less fortunate or underprivileged. The letter should contain specific details of the organizer, activities planned and the recipient of the collected funds to encourage the positive response to the request.

As this letter is written to business officials or higher individuals it should be a formal one. You should write the letter in such a way that the recipient finds it appealing so that he or she behaves positively to it. The cause for which you are collecting the funds should be stated clearly if need informs the process how you are going to conduct the program. In the end, mention that you are expecting a positive reply from the recipient and thank him or her for taking their time to read the letter.

Sample Fundraising Letter:


Betty Moore,

Bright Lights Association,

21 Storm Street,




Michael M. Griffin,

Far East Publishing,

4055 Court Street,

Union, MO 63084.

Dear Sir,


I am Betty Moore working as a fundraising president in Bright Light Association. On behalf of Bright Lights Association, I am writing to invite you to participate in the fundraising event. Bright Lights is a non-Government organization that has been set up by a group of concerned and caring businesses that desired to bless the underprivileged in the community. We have done many charity programs which have solaced many people in the society.

As a part of it this year, Bright Lights is planning to bring joy to a children’s home in Baltimore which was found to be lacking in books and computers. As such, Bright Lights has taken on the task of sourcing and soliciting financial assistance or in-kind to give the children at this home the needed edge to compete in the society. There are plans to set up a library and computer room with a dozen computers for the children’s learning. It would be appreciated if you and your esteemed company would consider assisting in cash or kind, according to the needs mentioned. You can help in another way also, and it would be great if could you circulate this news to your fellow business colleagues so that then also can be a part of this noble cause. All donations are tax exempt. We look forward to your prompt response. Hope you would help us in this program to make it a huge success. Thank you for taking your time to read the letter.

Yours truly,

Betty Moore,

Fundraising President,

Bright Lights Association.

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