Fundraising Donation Letter

Fundraising Donation Letter



A fundraising donation letter can be written by a non-profitable organization or a charitable company to solicit funds. The letter should state the objective of the cause clearly so that the recipient of the letter should make a favorable response. The letter should be written convincingly to impress the recipient to make a kind donation. Write your purpose and motive in such a way that it appeals to the reader. It should emotionally move the reader towards the cause so that they are guided towards making the donation. It needs to be convincing, precise and expressive.

Whether you will get the funds or not depends on how effectively you write this letter. Be courteous and make important statements about why your cause is important and deserves their financial and physical support. State the reasons why you are indulged in this cause and how their small donation can make a difference to the larger social life. This letter should also specify what you intend to do with the money in detail. In such a way, the reader builds his trust on your agendas and becomes more willing to help your cause. Such a letter is the first step towards motivating the person to make the donation. Use the sample below to write your letter.




Becky J. Suarez


Honeywell Homes

4029 Marietta Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95401



Aldridge Industry

3680 Lena Lane
Jackson, MS 3920

Dear Sir / Madam,

RE: Fundraising Donation for Honeywell Orphans

Honeywell Homes is an orphanage with 15 children below 13 years old. It was set up by some missionaries three decades ago; now it is run by a group of volunteers in every aspect – from administration to finances and needs. Our goal is to provide better lives for these kids, with a particular focus on its core survival needs and their education. We have been committed towards this cause passionately and intend to make required improvements in our facilities by raising funds.

Hence, I am appealing to your esteemed organization to consider making a donation to Honeywell Homes to improve the home’s living condition for the good hygiene of its young residents. There will be a fundraising event next month where outside donations will receive craft tokens by the home residents.

You are welcome to bid for these specially designed crafts with your donation. We look forward to receiving your kind and generous donation soon.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Becky J. Suarez


Honeywell Homes

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