Friendship Letter to Best Friend, Sample & Format

Friendship Letter to Best FriendA Friendship letter to the best friend is a good letter to write to strengthen the friendship bond between two friends. Home and work commitments may not allow too much time to spend with one another to enhance the friendship, but a letter to each other encourages the friendship to grow and mature as one can express thoughts and feelings freely.


Lucy Wilmore

130 Adonais Way
Atlanta, GA 30329

February 20, 2010


Hannah Little

54 Broad Street
BS26 0ZQ

Hi Hannah

I am so excited to be able to pen you a few lines again. Work has been hectic over the last quarter of the year with all the closing targets and reports. Thank God it all went well!

Too bad I could not join you on your Christmas adventure with my tight work schedule. I am green with envy! But you deserve the break. You have been working hard the whole year too. Hope you have had a good holiday. Tell me all about your trip and don’t forget to send some pictures. I might consider going too if your tale and photos are convincing enough.

Let’s plan a get together soon. I would love to do some serious catch up with you face to face. I have so much to share with you. You are my best listening ear, my best friend.

Take care, and we will meet up soon!

Hugs and kisses,


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