Friendship Break Up Letter


Friendship is one of the most beautiful bonds two people could share. For a lot of people, friendship means more than love. A friend is more like a prominent member who was just not born in the family. A friend is a person with whom you can share anything and everything. There is no formality, no hesitation, no lies and no secrets between friends. Friendship is breaking up sometimes hurts more than a love breaking up. There can be many reasons why a friendship might have to be broken off. The friend could have some wrong expectations from the friendship, or he or she might be taking you to a wrong path or maybe because it simply is not working for the two of you. It might be sad, to break off a friendship but you have to do what you should do and what is important and healthy for you. Not being in a relationship is better than being in a toxic one.

This is a very casual letter, and so you can write in whatever way you wish to. It most certainly is hard to handle a breaking friendship, but you should not break a friendship with negativity and bad wishes. Remember the times you cherished with your friend and always promise to keep them in your heart. Delete the bad memories and ask your friend to do the same.

Sample Letter:



Miles Low Jones

35 Lakeview Way Road



Shaila Stuart Mathew

41 Adamsville Mall Road
Laredo, TX 78040

Dear Shaila,

Re: Friendship break up letter

It is heartbreaking for me to say this but I do not think we can be friends anymore. I know that the both of us have been thinking about the same since a few months. All we do is fight with each other and put each other down. This friendship is worsening day by day, and it is a lot better if we just stop it right here before it gets worse. I am thankful for all the wonderful times we have spent together, and I will cherish my days with you forever.

I hope you will forgive me for taking such a harsh decision and understand that whatever I am doing is only for the betterment of the both of us. I hope you too will always cherish the years we have spent as best friends.

Thanking You,


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