Friends Get Together Invitation Letter


A Friendship Get Together Letter is written by one person who wishes to invite a list of his/her friends to a reunion. This letter stems from an idea of the writer who believes that the friends must meet-up in a resort, restaurant etc. as a reunion, so as to reminisce about their lives. The letter seeks to bring friends together, who have been separated by geographical distance and varied commitments in their lives. The letter is written by a keen friend who is yearning to bring all the friends together.

The letter is written informally as it is addressed to friends or at best, acquaintances. Therefore, formality does not take primacy. However, the writer must compile a list of all the people who he/she wishes to invite. The letter to each person must be standardized so that it does not create confusion. The letter must mention with certainty the date, time and venue of the meet-up so that all the invitees have an opportunity to respond to the invitation. The letter must be concise and to-the-point.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample of a Friends Get Together Letter.


Rajesh Koothrapalli,

West View,

East Park,

New town,


Date: 22 March 2026.


Sheldon Cooper,

California Institute of Technology,

North Campus Road,



Subject: Invitation

Dear Sheldon,

I hope everything is well at your end. It has been a very long time since our group of friends met up and had a nice time together. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself in inviting our group of friends to a meetup. Since it is the summer, I thought that most of us will be less occupied with work and will have time to spare for leisure. Hence, I thought that an outing during the summer.

I have chosen 2nd of May, 2026 as an apt date as it falls on the Labour Day Weekend. This date is tentative and we shall finalize the dates after receiving everybody’s inputs. Therefore, please mention if this date is acceptable to you. The venue has been tentatively chosen as Yellowstone National Park in Utopia. We can book a minibus from Utopia and drive together to the Park. Please feel free to provide alternative plans and we shall definitely choose the most acceptable one.

Convey my best wishes and warm regards to your family. Ensure that they come along for the meet-up too. This meet-up will be a great source of bonding.  Please send in your reply. I hope you will be there!

Best Wishes,

Rajesh Koothrapalli.

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