Friendly Letter


A Friendly Letter is written to your friend for any reason who might be staying far from you or maybe live nearby. Sending a friendly letter to your friend sends out warm and joyous gestures. Writing a letter always has a unique value than sending out a text message or conveying through social media platforms as while writing a letter you put in your valuable time and energy. You grab a sheet of paper and a pen which you would not do in case of a text message.

The letter can have a motive or not. You can invite your friend to meet you if you have not met them from a long time. It can also be a casual letter where you ask about your friend’s health and well-being. You can also ask about your friend’s studies and how it has been going on. You can share a few memories that you and your friend had when you were young or when you’ll last met. This will remind him/her also about all the times you both have spent together and they too would want to meet you. Given below is a sample letter of Friendly Letter which will be handy when you write a letter to your friend.




Yash Mehra,

102-Pearl Apartments,

Pink Street,

Bandra West,




Rahul Merchant,

5-Jingle Bungalows,

Lighthouse Junction,



Dear Rahul,

I hope you’re fine and doing well in your studies. Also, how has your internship been going on? I‘m so glad you got to intern at your dream company, BMW. It must have been amazing knowing so much about how their products are made and sold.

I remember when we last met you told me that could try making small motor or battery operated cars. It has been long now since we have met after that. Around four months. I have missed the fun we had when we were young, but after we shifted and grew up, we’ve got so busy that we haven’t been able to meet for a long time now.

I would like to meet you soon so we can revive those fun and good old days once again. Playing video games and football with everyone are the two most important things that we are going to do when we meet the next time.

Hope to see you soon.

Thanking you,

Yours affectionately,

Yash Mehra

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