Friend Thank You Letter


A Friend Thank You Letter; one friend writes a letter to another who wishes to express his/her gratitude to the other friend, for having helped them during a time of need. This letter is an appreciation letter, but it is written by friends who are acquainted with each other. The letter is written after an incident that portrays the friend’s generosity and sympathy at a time of need. A gratitude letter is an excellent gesture which boosts one friendship with the other person. It shows that the writer is truly grateful to their friend.

The letter is written in an informal tone as it is written between friends. The letter must make an attempt to express feelings of gratitude that the writer has for his/her friend. The letter must mention the specific episode or incident where the friend came to the assistance of the writer and helped him/her through a difficult situation. The letter must be compassionate and must be concise.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample for a Friend Thank You Letter.


John Doe,

West View Park,

East Land,


Dat: 22 July 1776.


Jonathan Wade,

East View,



The United States of America.

Dear Jon,

I cannot express in writing how much of a great friend you are. I am making an attempt. Your help during times of significant financial distress cannot be understated, and I am forever indebted to your kindness. I still remember that day which I had dreaded for a long time. My university fees were due, and I had missed the due date 15 days earlier. I could not afford to pay a sum as massive as 1500 Pounds in a single installment. I risked being debarred from writing the examinations, for which I had prepared so thoroughly. I was embarrassed to express my problems to the fees officer, fearing ridicule from his side.

I am fortunate to have you as my friend. Had you not given be the 1500 Pounds on that day, I am unsure what I would have done with my academic career. Your kind gesture saved my face and also saved my future. I promise you that I will return the 1500 Pounds as soon as I receive the first paycheck from my employer, for whom I have been working during the night shifts.

I admire our friendship, and I am forever grateful for your kind gesture. You truly are a great friend as you were my friend in need.

Yours truly,

John Doe.

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