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A Sales letter is written by an individual who is representing a business firm or organization to a customer, upon completion of the sales transaction. A sales letter is written to conclude the transaction of any goods or services. The letter is a legal document which states that the transaction is complete and the necessary fee has been paid. The letter must include details of the sales transaction like date of sale, monetary transaction, whether discounts were given and much other relevant information.

The letter must be written in a formal manner. The letter must be concise and must include only the relevant information about the sales transaction. The letter must include the description of the goods or services that were sold during the transaction. The letter must also mention if there are any outstanding dues that must be paid by the buyer to the seller. The letter must include any other relevant information that the buyer may utilize.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample Free Sales Letter.


John Doe,

Sales Executive,

Samsung Apple Ltd.,

West Park Enclave,

Utilitarian City,


Date: 22 July 1776.


Joe Roe,

West Enclave Avenue,


Rhode Island,

The United States of America.

Subject: Sales confirmation letter.

Dear Madam,

I write this letter to bring to your notice that an order from your side dated 20 July 1776 regarding the purchase of a semiconductor device has been executed to completion. The order was received by your office staff on 21 July 1776. The payment made for the purchase was 200,000 Dollars. As a long-time customer of ours, your firm has been granted a 5% discount, with the discounted price having been mentioned in the invoice.

The semiconductor device is a highly complex piece of science that encompasses many critical aspects of the working of your engines. Therefore, we provide authorized service for the device for the next five years from the date of the purchase. The details of the service providers are mentioned in the invoice. The device comes with a warranty for the period of six years from the date of purchase.

We wish to contact you regarding other product offerings of our enterprise that complement the device that you have purchased. Please mention your availability on the form that will be mailed o your address.

Should you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Relationship Manager, Ms. Dawson at 0000000000 or mail at

Kind Regards,

John Doe,

Sales Executive,

Samsung Apple Ltd.


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