Christmas Letter


‘Tis The Season to be Jolly- It has been rightly said. The end of the year is always marked with celebrations and goodwill. Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the world. It marks the birth of Jesus Christ and is one of the most cherished festivals in the faith of Christianity.

So it becomes only courteous for us to wish our family and friends on this occasion. Writing a Christmas letter is a popular trend in the west, a practice which can also be seen rapidly increasing all over. A Christmas letter is usually a short letter which forwards its best wishes from the entire family. Most of these letters also have a family picture attached at the end. This is an informal letter, so no strict format is followed. You can put in as many sentiments as you like. One could also write about the highlights of the year.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Christmas Letter.


Catelyn Stark

The North



20th December 2016


Cersei Lannister

The Red Keep

King’s Landing



Subject: Christmas Card

Dear Mrs. Lannister,

It has indeed been a wonderful year. It is on an even brighter note that I want to end this year, wishing you and your family the very best Christmas you have ever had. Ned and the kids along with I send you all our love.

I hope you have bought your Christmas tree. If not, you could always check out the trees at “The Sept”. They have a 30% discount on all their trees! It really is worth the money. Ned and I would like to invite you to a Christmas dinner party that we are throwing on Christmas Eve. Before that, we would love to have the kids over to help us decorate our Christmas tree on the 23rd. They could also help me make my special brownies!

I would like to thank you for being part of our lives on this occasion. Thank the lords; this year has been full of happiness and good luck! You and your family have been with us throughout. Remember the time we went for that Picnic to Riverrun? Oh, our families had such a wonderful time. It was such a pleasant sight to see the kids playing along the banks of the river. May we be blessed with many such occasions!

On this happy occasion, I would like to send my best to you and your family. May the next year be even better!

With Love,

Catelyn Stark

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