Formal Request Letter

Formal Request Letter


A Formal Request letter is written in a formal format when making a request to the management for its assistance. When the request is written formally, it is more professional and tends to a better consideration to the application than an informal request. The contents are to be courteous and precise for an easy read.

This request can be pertaining anything. But regardless of what the request is, the proper format and protocol to place a request must be followed according to the organization’s policies. It is recommended to specify for what exact reason you are placing the request. Mention the reason for the request in the opening or first paragraph itself. Keep this brief and to the point. Do remember to mention the specifics of the request as well. These details include the date, time and place. Refer to the sample letter given below for further assistance and guidance.




James D. Barton

4279 Boundary Street
Jacksonville, FL 32211



Mr. Joshua Williams


Chartered Accounting Services

1165 Park Lane Street
NG20 4OQ

Dear Sir,

Re: Formal Request for Time Off

I, James Barton, Junior Accountant from Commercial Department at Chartered Accounting Services, would like to make a formal request for some time off during work hours. According to the company’s policy, I am placing this request exactly a month before the date from which I intend on taking a break from. The reason for my request is that I am considering an upgrade to my qualification to serve the company in a greater capacity and the Professional Accounting course that I am considering has one class on Friday from 5-8pm.

I have also sought the recommendation of the head of my department who whole heartedly supports my decision. Mr. Ram feels
this step will not only be beneficial for me but for the company as well.I am seeking your approval to allow me to go off at 4.30pm on Fridays for three months, commencing DD/MM/YYYY. I am willing to put back the ½ hour on another day.

Your prompt and favorable response to my request will be appreciated as I would need to confirm my attendance to the course by DD/MM/YYYY. Thank you for your kind consideration on my request. If possible, I would like to discuss the specifics of my application in person as well. Please let me know when that would be possible.

Yours faithfully,

James Barton

Junior Accountant

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