Formal Grievance Letter


A formal grievance letter is written to someone in a position of seniority or a person the individual is not personally close to yet wishes to solve the problems the person is facing in such a turbulent time. Regardless of the equation, you share with the person it is only courteous to write them a grievance letter that is formal.

Start off the letter by stating who you are and how you know the person you are writing the letter to. In such a letter it is advised to be concise and to the point so that your message is conveyed without the person interpreting it in the wrong way. Moreover, the person must ensure that they are not rude in any which way while communicating the message they intend to convey. Refer to the letter given below for guidance :



Mrs. Smith

Class Teacher

DPS Gurgaon



Rahul Krishna

Class XII

DPS Gurgaon



Subject: Grievance Letter

Respected Ma’am,

My name is Rahul Krishna, and I have been a student of your Mathematics class for the past two years, that is since my 11th Grade. Maths is one of my weakest subjects and therefore I am only comfortable studying this subject under your guidance. In class XI when I was sent to a different section, I requested the Class Representative to transfer me to your class so that this subject can be taught to me by you only.

Ma’am, why I am writing to you today is because as we all are aware, the class XII boards are soon approaching. Ma’am, with each passing week I am becoming more and more anxious. I recently received my mid term results, and I was only able to score a total of 34 in your subject.

Ma’am, it is not like I do not study. Trust me; I devote nearly 5 hours on a daily basis to the subject. I am not able to understand why I am not scoring.

Ma’am, I request you to pay special attention to me in class. If possible, take extra classes for me as well. With your teaching method and patience, I am sure I will be able to improve. I just require a little extra time from your side on a weekly basis. I hope I am not asking for too much.

Thank you

Rahul Krishna



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