Formal Condolence Letter


A formal condolence letter is written by an upper management or authority to another in expressing the demise of an authoritative figure in the company. Its formality expresses the professionalism in a company conveying its condolences to the receiving company. Good words of the demised are usually stated as a sign of respect for the demised. It is a sensitive letter.

As mentioned above the letter should be written in a formal way, it should only represent your compassion for their loss but not your competitive feel you have with them. This letter can also be written by an employee or group of staff in a company to the company head for his or her loss. Through this letter, you can console the recipient to some extent. You can mention the recipient that you will be always be available to help. In the end, mention you are praying for their speedy recovery from the loss.

Sample Formal Condolence Letter:


Simpsons Management Corporation

3350 Pine Street

Norfolk, VA 789302

Date: February 10, 2017


Boyles Consulting Services

988 Don Street

Indianapolis, IN 55335

To the Management of Boyles Consulting Services

Our Deepest Condolences

We Simpsons Management Corporation would like to express our deepest and sincere condolences over the recent demise of Mr. Peter Boyles, Boyles Consulting Services’ Managing Director last Sunday. Mr. Boyles’ demise is a great loss to Boyles Consulting Services and the business community at large and all who have benefited from his professional and excellent counsel. He was a gentleman in and outside of business; a true friend to all alike. We have learned so many good things from him, the discipline, punctuality he has are the greatest assets to him. The way he deals every difficult situation can be taught as a lesson to the employees who are new to the company. He is sole fully responsible for the growth of this corporation and we all know it. He is the role model for every youngster in the corporate world.

Simpsons Management Corporation has enjoyed many years of good business collaborations with the late Mr. Boyles. He has led our corporation in success path for many years and everybody knows it. His hard work is the reason that we are in top position in the corporate sector. We shall miss him dearly. We shall miss his valuable suggestions and his corporation in the hard situations. We wish the late Mr. Peter Boyles peace as he rests for eternity and Boyles Consulting Services comfort during this period of grief. We will be available to help you in any way you want. Hope our corporation would recover from this great loss as soon as possible.

Respectfully yours,

Simpsons Management Corporation

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