Formal Complaint Letter

Formal Complaint LetterIntroduction:

A formal complaint letter is written to make a complaint regarding products or service. It can also be written to complain against a person at workplace or school or college etc. It is usually addressed to the head in case of school or college, the employer in case of a workplace or the manager in case of a defective product. You should include the details of purchase and defect in the event of product, details of misbehavior if it took place in your college or workplace.

The formal complaint letter should be written in a formal format that showcases professionalism with the right use of words to express dissatisfaction over an issue. The letter contains the precise information for the recipient to understand the issue at hand so that appropriate action can be taken to correct the poor situation. The letter should not be too long and should be devoid of any grammatical or spelling error. At the end of the letter thank the recipient for giving his or her time to you.

Sample Letter:


Sarah Jane Bailey

1211 Flint Lane
Memphis, MS 38125



Public Relations Officer

National Postal Service (HQ)

1362 Maple Road

Memphis, MS 32739

Dear Sir / Madam,

Re: Letter of Complaint

I would like to make a formal complaint about the poor service at the Postal Office at the corner of Flint and Garner. As I have been regularly using this registered office for many years and was always impressed by the quality of its service, the way it is functioning now is quite shocking for me. Hence, am forced to write this letter to you.

The poor service rendered at this Postal branch has been deplorable since DD/MM/YYYY. The service is very slow as there are usually only two officers to serve an average of 30 public a day. It is even worse when either staff insists on having lunch during the peak lunch hours.

As this postal branch is very familiar with the community, I would like to suggest more workforce be allocated to this branch to serve the community. I have witnessed many patrons leaving the premises in frustration without completing their intended task due to lack of choice.

I shall await your prompt response to my complaint as I frequent this postal branch for my mailing needs.

Thanking you for your time and patience.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Jane Bailey

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