Formal Appreciation letter


A Formal appreciation letter is usually written by a person who wishes to appreciate their friends, colleagues or someone else who have put an effort in bringing any success. Appreciation letters are mostly written in business contexts and thus the letter written must be formal in tone and must have a well-structured content. It will serve as an excellent marketing tool to bring a connection between both the parties, i.e., the sender and the receiver. Sending someone an appreciation letter is an excellent way to show thanks and also to maintain a strong relationship with the people in your network, whom you might need for your further future business deals.

Also, before beginning to write a letter of Appreciation, you must ask your inner conscience whether you alone can write it or you need the help of someone else. If you think that you alone cannot do, then it’s better to seek the help and guidance by referring to the sample letter that is given below, than making it a flop by writing it yourself.

Sample Letter


Dr. William Anderson,

Group Director,

Grand Horizon Pharmaceutical,

Lexington, NC 27292.

January 25, 2011.


Dr. Jack Wheeler,

Senior Researcher,

Global Research Institute,

2944 Keyser Ridge Road,

Lexington, NC 39403

Dear Dr. Jack Wheeler,

Subject: Appreciation for your kind assistance

Hope this letter reaches to you at the best of your health.

It is my pleasure and honor to esteem you highly for the excellent work that you have performed on the discovery of the new molecular structure of enzymes in our laboratory last month. It is indeed a work for which you must be appreciated.

I am delighted with the breakthrough that you and our team achieved in that enzyme research. I am impressed with your dedication and determination in the investigation process which led to the success of the discovery.

Please allow me to express my highest congratulations and appreciation for the work well done! In fact, the medical community salutes you. You have advanced the health technology in leaps and bounds with this enzyme discovery. Grand Horizon Pharmaceutical is honored to be given the marketing rights with your blessings. For this breakthrough that you have achieved, I am planning to throw a party for you and our team members, so please do consider this letter as an invitation for the same. The date and place will be further updated in our company’s WhatsApp group. Also, please do bring your family members too for the same so that we can have an excellent time.

We look forward to our continuing collaboration in the days to come.

Moving forward together,

Dr. William Anderson,

Group Director,

Grand Horizon Pharmaceutical.


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