Formal Apology Letter

Formal Apology Letter


A Formal apology letter is usually written like an announcement to apologize to the party who has been wronged. It usually happens when a company infringes on the copyrights of another company and is caught for it. Mistakes can occur on behalf of personnel who may be unaware that such a copyright may exist due to human error. The wronged company can demand a formal apology from the other company instead of pursuing a legal action being taken against the guilty party, a route that promises further damages and unnecessary public attention.

The Apology letter must be formal and must address the executives of the company directly, expressing the writer’s most sincere apology on behalf of the entire company. The letter must explain the events that lead to the gaffe on their part and any retrospective action that they intend to take to rectify the situation. It must offer a guarantee that step will be taken to ensure that such errors will not occur.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Formal Apology Letter.



Keller Technology Developers

7674 Sorority Street

Eddington, PA 19887





Sage Software Enterprise

9903 Warrant Drive

Denver, CO 89983


Subject: Formal Apology over Copyright Infringement


SAGE SOFTWARE ENTERPRISE formally expresses its deepest, most sincere regret over its past unscrupulous action of having infringed the copyright of KELLER TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPERS Accounting Software – Safe Accounting.

SAGE SOFTWARE ENTERPRISE is formally apologizing to the owner of the software, KELLER TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPERS over its mistake and wrongful action in the eyes of the law. It was inappropriate and unprofessional on our part, failing to verify the copyright and all the involved employees will be reprimanded so that such mistakes do no occur in the future.

All copies of the proprietary Safe Accounting Software have been dutifully deleted from all of SAGE SOFTWARE ENTERPRISE’s computer systems and database as of today, the 21st of February 2011. SAGE SOFTWARE ENTERPRISE promises not to repeat such an action in the future which can cause an unfair advantage on KELLER TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPERS and the business community and will take all the necessary preventive measures to ensure that this promise is upheld.

SAGE SOFTWARE ENTERPRISE would like to extend their thanks to KELLER TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPERS and SOFTWARE INFRINGEMENT WATCHDOG for their counsel and direction on this issue and their handling of the issue with respect to the legal implications and publicity.

Any inconvenience and grief caused by SAGE SOFTWARE ENTERPRISE in this matter are deeply regretted.

Yours sincerely,


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