Formal Announcement Letter


A formal announcement letter is a serious letter that aims to make a significant announcement that is intended for masses to receive. This can be released by a company, the resident welfare association of a colony or a basic community message released by the government.

Several such types of formal announcements are already prevalent in the form of public service announcements. Popular examples of these are the Jago Grahak Jago ads issues by the government. A letter of such type aims to make that announcement in writing. This can be released in a newspaper or on the general notice board of a particular area. It is advised to keep it short and simple which addresses the main content of the letter in the opening paragraph itself so that the meaning of the message is not lost in the paragraphs that follow. Refer to the sample letter given below for knowledge.



Citizens of India

Times of India




Delhi Government



Subject: Formal announcement Letter

To all citizens,

This letter is issued in interest of public welfare by the Government of Delhi. As the monsoon season has approached the capital, we would like to warn all citizens about the possible dangers of the diseases that accompany the onset of monsoon.

The two major diseases that the government is currently worried about is the spread of dengue and chikungunya. Both of these diseases originate from mosquitos whose primary breeding spot is stagnant water spaces. We believe, if we just control the cause of the breeding we will be able to significantly mitigate the situation.

As of YYYY, the capital had witnessed a total of 2834 cases of these diseases. The total number of deaths recorded by these was 54. The govt. hopes to bring this number down to 0. In order to this, we would require your full support and cooperation.

We have launched a new mosquito repellant which goes by the name of ‘Stay Safe’. The cost of this medicine will be a total of INR 50 for the months of July, August and September.  All govt hospitals will also be conducting free tests to confirm the presence of this disease.

We request you to kindly keep changing the water of your coolers, bird feeders and inform the authorities at once about any open drains so that strict actions can be taken accordingly.

Feel free to reach out to us.  We are in this together. We fight and win this together.

Thank you

Delhi Government


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