Forced Resignation Letter

Forced Resignation Letter


A Forced Resignation letter is usually submitted by an employee who has been pressured to submit his resignation to the company. The forced resignation letter can state the forced reason for resignation for record purposes as well as to make known the employee’s pressured state in submitting the resignation letter. There are a lot of instances wherein an employee might be forced to leave the current job. The reasons can be an unhealthy work environment, non-supportive staff, inefficient higher authorities, harassment at workplace, etc. If the employee is a hard working candidate and is not getting the benefits of his/her hard work, then they must decide to quit that particular job.
It should be addressed to the proper higher authorities, and it is expected that the tone of the letter be professional and convey disappointment rather than anguish. It should also be brought to the authority’s notice that the overall development of the company is being hampered because of these reasons and that action has to be taken as soon as possible. A Resignation letter should be formal, short and to the point clearly stating the reason(s) for not wanting to continue any further.


Sample Letter:


Rose Malcolm
Accounts Clerk
Jackson Precision Industry
February 12, 2011

Jackson Precision Industry

Dear Sir

RE: Forced Resignation

It is with regret that I am pressured to submit this letter of resignation.

I am very dissatisfied with the investigation of the missing petty cash of $300.00 that occurred last month during the monthly company accounts closing. It was insinuated that I had mishandled the accounts to cause the missing cash. The investigation was sloppy, and no concrete proof was established against me, but the insinuation persisted indirectly from my department superiors and peers.

Hence, I feel uncomfortable working with Jackson Precision Industry anymore. With this letter, I am resigning from my position of Accounts Clerk from the Accounts Department, Jackson Precision Industry with immediate effect. I do not wish to pursue the matter further as there is no more trust between the Accounts Department and me.

I wish to move on to another environment for a fresh start and a clear conscience.

Yours sincerely,

Rose Malcolm

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