Football Fundraising Letter


A football fundraising letter is a letter written to ask for funds for football game to be held. This fund could be asked by a school or an organization for poor children or by the head of a community to hold a football match in the locality. A lot of non-profitable organizations do not have enough money to organize events by itself and that is why it asks for funds from people who are interested in providing funds. Ideally, this letter is a request letter and also could be categorized under donation letter. A lot of people are usually interested in providing funds for such events so that underprevieledge children can have some recreational activity.

This is an official letter which has to be in the correct format and should be a formal one. The letter should mention the purpose of writing and should strongly request for people to provide funds. Also be polite and modest.

Sample Letter:


Miles Low

35 Lakeview Way



Shaila Stuart Mathew

41 Adamsville Road
Laredo, TX 78040

Dear Ma’am,

Re: Letter for Fundraising for Football

I am writing this letter to inform you that our organization, Child and Us is organizing an event for football on the 30th of this month. This event is for the older kids in our house so that they can showcase their talent and engage in a healthy competition with each other. We organized a basketball tournament last year, and it was a great success. This is why we have decided upon football this year because we realised it is a more preferred sport among kids and so it will receive a better response. Since you have always been supportive of all the activities our organisation hosts that is why we sent you this letter to get your participation and support for this event too.

I hope you will be kind enough to provide us with some fund. Please be there with your friends and family. I am sure you will be happy to see the difference your funds make to these children.

Thanking You,

Miles Low Jones.

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