Followup Doctor Appointment Letter

Follow up letters are of several kinds and are important in maintaining communication between two individuals or even organizations with respect to a particular event, meeting or any other work.

Follow Up Doctor Appointment Letter is one such letter which is written by a medical practitioner or any other authorized person on behalf of a doctor to a patient to remind her or him about his or her appointment with the doctor.

The letter should consist of three paragraphs. The first paragraph should state the reason for writing the letter. The second paragraph of the letter is the most crucial and must be written carefully. In it, the writer should include the correct day, date and time of the appointment. The name of the doctor with whom the appointment has been fixed must also be mentioned. The concluding paragraph should thank the receiver for his or her time.

Followup Doctor Appointment Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of a Follow Up Doctor Appointment Letter.


Elizabeth J. Becker,

General Manager,

Peter Baker Health Care Centre,

62, Tenth Mile,

Norfolk, VA 83902,


November 18, 2017


Thomas Kaplan

2576-Cherry Ridge Drive,

Falls Church, VA 48075,


Subject: Reminder for Cardiovascular Appointment

Dear Mr. Thomas Kaplan,

I, Elizabeth J. Becker, General Manager of the Peter Baker Health Care Centre, am writing to you with reference to your appointment which had been scheduled with Cardiologist and Associate Consultant, Dr. Matt Apuzzo, for Thursday, November 23, 2017 at 11.30 a.m. Kindly treat this notice as a reminder of the same.

As had been requested by you, the tests regarding hypertension, blood vessels, urine test as well as an examination of the functioning of your cardiovascular system will be conducted during the appointment under the supervision of Dr. Matt Apuzzo. Due to several tests which will have to be performed, the duration of the appointment will be of approximately three hours, that is, from 11.30 a.m. to 2.30 a.m. Therefore, I request you to confirm your arrival on the above mentioned day, date and time of appointment.

In case, due to any non-negligible reason, you shall be unable to appear for the appointment during the day, and the timings decided, you are requested to kindly write back to us so that your appointment can be scheduled for any other day, date which shall be convenient as per you.

Thanking you for your time and cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth J. Becker,

General Manager,

Peter Baker Health Care Centre

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