Follow Up Thank you Letter

Follow Up Thank you Letter


A Follow Up Thank you letter is a letter which is written after a certain interaction has happened. It might be written by the job applicant who has received some news of his job application.  It could also be a follow up to thank the management for having received his job application letter and resumed or it could be a follow-up letter to thank the management for the interview conducted recently. There are many reasons why a person would write a follow-up thank you letter. A follow-up thank you letter not just finds it’s placed in the formal exchange but informally also if someone wants to thank another person for a favor or am an opportunity, he or she might send him a follow-up thank you letter. This letter just shows the gratitude and thankfulness of the writer.

This letter can be formal or informal. Depending on what the kind of the letter is, you should follow the format. In the case or the informal letter you can casually write whatever you feel like but in the case of an informal letter you should stick by the format and should only use formal tone. Be polite and down to earth throughout the letter.

Sample letter:


Tracy I. Franks

2031 High Meadow Lane
Pittston, PA 18640



Jose J. Johnson

Resource Manager

PharmaSync Enterprise

683 Patterson Fork Road
Chicago, IL 60606

Dear Sir

Ref: Thank you

Please allow me to extend my appreciation and thanks to you for taking time off your busy schedule to meet up with me last Friday, DD/MM/YYYY, at 6 pm.

I understood that it was a busy day and it was very kind of you to see me to consider me for the post of Service Manager at PharmaSync Enterprise. YOu had meetings lined up one after the another, but I was glad to have kept the appointment precisely.

The interview was very informative, and I am impressed with the structure of this company and its vision that leads me to desire even more for this post.

I believe I am well qualified and skilled in the medical environment to service PharmaSync’s customers well from my experience at previous medical environments.

I look forward to contributing to PharmaSync Enterprise soon.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Tracy Franks

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