Follow Up Thank you Letter for Interview

Follow Up Thank you Letter for Interview


A Follow Up Thank you letter for Interview is written by a job applicant who has just gone for an interview with a company. He writes in to express his thanks for the interview formally, and for the record that he is appreciative of the opportunity to be considered favorably for the job applied. Getting called for a job interview is a huge deal, and anyone who gets called for a job they wanted is a very lucky person. The employer took his time to read his application and find him suitable enough to call for an interview. Apart from being good at the interview another thing that can impress the HR is sending them a thank-you letter after the interview is over. The letter is only supposed to show the kind gesture of gratitude.

This is an official letter, and so the format should be correct and also error-free. No informal terms should be mentioned, and it should be professionally written. The letter should not be too long otherwise it might come forward as desperate. Be short, concise and exact with you points.

Sample Letter:


Caleb D. Ray

3125 Leroy Lane
Kilgore, SD 69216



Luther P. Bradberry

Recruitment Manager

Dolby Systems Corporation

3428 O Conner Street
Valdosta, GA 31601

Dear Sir

Re: Thank you for Interview

I am so grateful for the opportunity that you gave me to have an interview on DD/MM/YYYY, for the position of Sales Executive in your esteemed company, Dolby Systems Corporation.

I have gained so much information about your products as well as services and feel equipped to take on the challenges of the said post. I am confident of a positive contribution to Dolby Systems Corporation with its range of excellent products and services.

I hope that I shall be given the privilege to join the exceptional staff of Dolby soon.

I am available for work immediately, and agreeable to the employment terms and conditions as discussed during the interview. I look forward to hearing from you positively soon. If there is anything that you want to know more, you can contact me on *********** or email on

Yours Sincerely,

Caleb Ray

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