Follow Up Sales Letter

Follow Up Sales Letter



A follow-up sales letter is written by a company to its client to follow up on an earlier sales introduction. A follow-up sales letter is important as it shows the excellent service of the company and it serves as an opportunity for the client to ask for clarifications on the sales proposed. It would also remind the customer of the sales offered and make a decision.

A follow-up sales letter totally shows that you as the representative of the company care about their clients and since the customer is the king of the market, giving their satisfactions the upper hand always helps because then they would come back to you like a flock of sheep. It’s imperative to make a customer feel he is wanted and cared for. It is not only good gesture but also an alibi to make more customers and get your business flourishing. Mention in the letter that you would want to see if in future you could be of any help to the client.

Sample letter:

The following is a sample of Follow Up Sales Letter.


Donald Tiller,

Sales Manager,

Jock’s Wholesale Supplies,

442 Hill Road,
Phoenix, AZ 85034

January 24, 2011


Ray Cameron,

Store Manager,

Grouper Enterprise,

1796 Sardis Station,
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Subject: Follow-up letter

Dear Sir,

Thank you for meeting up with us last Tuesday to introduce to you our latest home renovation equipment. We believe your customers will benefit from this latest range of products.

We can provide demonstrations of any equipment if requested by your client. We welcome your questions or comments on our latest equipment. We guarantee the parts and their functioning for at least a year, with no service charges.

As mentioned in our first meeting, there is a 25% discount on purchases above five pieces of our latest range of products. We hope you will take advantage of this great offer before it ends at the end of this month.

Please feel free to contact us for further clarifications, or you can fill up the attached order form and return to us at your convenience.

Yours Sincerely,

Donald Tiller


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